Roll a Die and Draw a Snowman Game for preschool

Roll a Die and Draw a Snowman Game for preschool is a fun winter snowman game to try if you're searching for a quick game for your preschool and kindergarten students! A die, some colored pencils, and our game sheets are all you need. You can get this game link and instructions from the bottom of this page.

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How to Play Roll a Die and Draw a Snowman Game

  1. Print off the game sheets to every player 
  2. Every player has a die to roll
  3. Every player takes turn to roll the die and whichever number it lands, draw that item to the snowman.(Sheet provided)
  4. For instance, if they roll a 3, they will draw the buttons on the snowman. Speed is essential:).
  5. They will keep rolling even if they roll a repeat of any number they have already drawn.
  6. The game will be won by the first person to draw a finished snowman.

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