Digital Number Counting Bundle (1 - 20) - 185 Google Slides

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Virtual Number counting practice Google slides are a great and a fun way to help your preschoolers and kindergartners in number recognition and counting practice.

These google slides Number counting (1-20) are interactive in edit mode and a child can drag and drop to match the objects with movable numbers blocks. This include 185 slides with 11 different themes:

  • Let’s count fishes
  • Let’s count apples
  • Let’s count honey bees
  • Let’s count cookies
  • Let’s count cupcakes
  • Let’s count frogs
  • Let’s count bugs
  • Let’s count candles
  • Let’s count ocean animals
  • Let’s count fruits
  • Let’s count cookies
  • Let’s count candles
  • FREE Customized Name Tracing Worksheets for your classroom students

Note: This file is for ONE classroom (including students) use only.

Please note: This bundle is a Google Slides™ Presentation and the clipart are NOT moveable if you are in "Present Mode." In order for your students to be able to click and drag all of the moveable items, you must be in the editing mode of Google Slides™.

To convert this Google Slides Presentation into a PowerPoint file:

  1. Open up your Google Slides™ file.
  2. Click "File" and "Download."
  3. Select Microsoft PowerPoint.
  4. The file should automatically download to your computer as a PPT file!