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2022-2023 Virtual Morning Meeting with Yoga and Movement Cards/Brain Breaks is great distance learning digital resource for preschoolers and Kindergartners. These can be used as transitions, breaks in the middle of an activity, something to raise or lower the energy of the group, team-building activities, and more!. This works well in virtual as well as in- person classes. These google slide are in editable and Drag & Drop format. This bundle consists of :-

  • Virtual Morning Meeting - 40 Editable Google Slides
  • Morning Meeting Yoga Poses - 25 Google Slides
  • Morning Meeting Movement Cards - 28 Google Slides

Virtual Morning Meeting | Distance Learning | Editable | Digital – Google Slides

This digital  "Virtual Morning Meeting" bundle comprises of 40 slides:-

  • Morning Message (Editable)
  • Good Morning Song
  • Question of the Day (Editable)
  • Today's Yoga Pose
  • Greetings (Drag and Drop)
  • Emotions Song
  • How do you feel today? (Drag and Drop)
  • Lets Get Moving (Movement Card)
  • Days of the Week Song
  • What is the day today? (Drag and Drop)
  • Month of the Year Song
  • What Month is it? (Drag and Drop)
  • What year is it? (Drag and Drop)
  • What date is it? (Drag and Drop)
  • May 2022 - August 2023 Calendar with Pattern (Drag and Drop)
  • How many days have we been in school? (Days editable)
  • Weather Song
  • What is the weather today? (Drag and Drop)
  • Season Song
  • What season is it? (Drag and Drop)
  • Let's say bye to friends(Customized) (Editable)
  • Good bye Song
  • Class Schedule (Fully Editable)
  • Blank slide (Can be used as per the need)
  • FREE Customized Name Tracing Worksheets for your classroom students

Virtual Morning Meeting - Yoga Poses/Brain Breaks | Digital – 25 Google Slides

These digital Yoga Poses comprises of 25 slides:-

  • I am the Sun
  • I am a Tree
  • I am a Butterfly
  • Many More!!!

Virtual Morning Meeting Movement Cards/Brain Breaks | Digital – 28 Google Slides

These digital Movement Cards/Brain Breaks comprises of 28 slides:-

  • Let's pretend to Run
  • Let's pretend to Swim
  • Let's pretend to be RockStars
  • Let's pretend to kick
  • Many More!!!!

Note: This file is for ONE classroom use only. Please do not share the link with others or post on a public class website.

Please note: This bundle is a Google Slides™ Presentation and the clipart are NOT moveable if you are in "Present Mode." In order for your students to be able to click and drag all of the moveable items, you must be in the editing mode of Google Slides™.

To convert this Google Slides Presentation into a PowerPoint file:

  1. Open up your Google Slides™ file.
  2. Click "File" and "Download."
  3. Select Microsoft PowerPoint.
  4. The file should automatically download to your computer as a PPT file!