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– All About Pumpkins – 58 google slides

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All about pumpkin interactive google slides are an exhaustive and elaborate lesson plan on pumpkins. All about pumpkin google slides are a super-fun to be done virtually or even in-person. In this deck students will explore the below aspects about pumpkins:

  • Virtual field trip to pumpkin patch
  • Pumpkin Scavenger hunt
  • Pumpkin Missing ABC’s (Drag and drop)
  • Pumpkin Shapes activity
  • Pumpkin colors activity
  • Pumpkin emotions activity
  • Pumpkin seeds counting(1-10)
  • Pumpkin life cycle(drag and drop)
  • Parts of a pumpkin
  • Pumpkin quiz
  • Sample Video below

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Note: This file is for ONE classroom use only. Please do not share the link with others or post on a public class website. Also Google Slides are interactive in “EDIT” mode only and not in presentation mode.


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