Free Printable Arctic Animal Suncatcher for Winter Craft

This Arctic Animal Suncatcher Craft is a beautiful winter project for kids. You can hang them in a window or from the ceiling, and when the light shines through them, they look really pretty.

I have 3 arctic animals free printable silhouettes that you can print and put in the middle, so it's easy to make a variety of Winter suncatchers. You can get a fox, a polar bear and a penguin. All of them look great! Please Scroll down to get your free printable template of arctic animals to make these cute winter suncatcher crafts.

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I made this fun this Arctic Animal Suncatcher Craft winter with Arctic animal silhouette. You can grab a free template with arctic animals( Arctic fox, Polar Bear and Penguin). This suncatcher is super fun to make just using few supplies readily available in your classroom.  Let's check how did I made this Arctic Animal Suncatcher Craft for preschool and kindergarten kids. 

Supplies Needed:

How to make Arctic Animal Suncatcher Craft:

  • Download and print the Free Printable Arctic Animal Silhouettes. (Click the link towards the end of this blog to get your copy)
  • Carefully cut out the silhouette you need to use for the suncatcher 
  • Trace a circle using a dinner plate on clear contact paper.
  • Fold the contact paper and cut out two  circular pieces. 
  • Peel off one of the circles you cut out using clear contact paper
  • Start sticking paper confetti circles onto the sticky side
  • Cover the sticky side with the confetti circles,
  • Stick the Arctic animal silhouette of your choice into the middle.
  • Peel off another clear contact paper circle you cut earlier
  • Stick it on top of this decorated circle
  • Stick a piece of tape or  ribbon onto the back for hanging.

Check out this Video to check out the stepwise instructions:

Grab this Arctic Animals Free Template to create this beautiful winter water color polar bear silhouette art:

Download it from TPT Store or My Shop