Magnetic Color Mixing STEM Pumpkin Craft for kids

The perfect preschool STEM art does exist Color Mixing with Magnets: Pumpkin Art! While teaching your students about color mixing and magnets, create an adorable fall pumpkin! All you need to do is grab red and yellow paint, a paper plate, a paper clip, and a small magnet.  This Magnetic Pumpkin art is a perfect combination of Art+ Science!


Looking for some more engaging pumpkin hands-on arts and crafts activities for your preschoolers this fall? This Magnetic pumpkin craft sensory art activities provides students with fun fine motor opportunities too. Your students are sure to love getting their hands messy and creating this fall pumpkin art! You would also love to check out these more amazing 15+ Pumpkin Crafts and 25+ Fall Leaves crafts for your kids. I've also got you covered with these super fun 25+ Halloween Crafts and Activities.


Start by setting the paper clip on your paper plate and adding a small amount of red and yellow paint. Your students may ask why you’re not using orange – assure them that the pumpkin will, in fact, be orange. {This is a great time to discuss the color wheel and/or color mixing.} Next, take the magnet to the bottom of the paper plate and “make contact” with the paper clip. Then start mixing! By moving the paper clip around and around using the magnet under the plate, the colors will mix, and your pumpkin plate will become a wonderful orange color. Add in more color as needed. The final step is to take black or yellow construction paper and cut out face pieces for your pumpkin making it a jack-o-lantern and adding a stem and leaf!

Check out the video here: