Valentine Color Mixing Activity For Preschool

Teach your students about primary and secondary colors with this adorable hands-on color-mixing activity! This easy Valentine’s Day activity for preschool features color exploration through the use of low-prep, household items like paper towels, washable markers, and a water dropper! Check out these cool 30+ Valentine's day Crafts for kids

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Valentines day color mixing activity 

Your preschool students will love to learn about primary and secondary colors with this cute and fun hands-on color-mixing activity by just using a kitchen paper towel and washable markers! This easy Valentine’s Day activity for preschool features color exploration by practicing fine motor skills in the classroom!

How to do this color mixing hearts activity:

  • Cut paper towels into small squares   
  • Draw a heart on each small paper towel section
  • Color in each of the hearts with a primary color (red, yellow, blue)
  • Stack two of the primary colors on top of each other (do this step on a plate so that you don’t make a mess)
  • Add a few drops of water (add until the desired look is achieved) to the stacked section
  • Watch as the colors unite and form a new color

Check out the video here: