Back to School Classroom Decor Posters Bundle for Preschool, Pre-K, & Kinder

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Alphabet Posters /Letter Posters, Color Posters, Shape Posters, Number Posters and Classroom Calendar shall make your class look bright and vibrant. You can use these posters during small group, whole group, circle, and center time. It is a great addition to any literacy and Math centers. They have been designed for a preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten classroom. Just print, cut, and laminate!

Alphabet/ Letter Classroom decor Posters includes:

  • 26 Uppercase and Lowercase Letters full page Posters
  • Picture and word along with the letter cards
  • Comes in 2 sizes (Full page and Space saver)
  • Alphabet/Letter Chart (One Pager)

Color Classroom decor Posters includes:

  • 11 Color words Full Page Posters
  • 11 Color words Space Saver sized posters
  • Colors included are red, green, yellow, black, brown, orange, purple, pink, grey, white, blue.
  • Colors Charts (One Pager)

Shapes Classroom decor Posters includes:

  • · 16 shape Full page posters
  • · 16 shape Space Saver sized posters
  • · Shapes included are square, circle, triangle, heart, rectangle, heart, oval, crescent, cross, rhombus, trapezoid, pentagon, hexagon, octagon
  • · Shapes Chart (One Pager)

Number Counting Classroom decor Posters includes:

  • · 1-20 Number Posters (Full Page)
  • · 1-20 Number Posters (Space Saver Size)
  • · Counting objects
  • · Ten frame counting
  • · Number Counting Chart (one pager)

Classroom Calendar includes:

  • · Calendar Month Headers (all 12 months)
  • · Days of the week cards (all 7 days)
  • · 31 numbers (Dates)
  • · “Yesterday was” header
  • · “Today is” header
  • · “tomorrow will be” header
  • · Days in school Full page poster
  • · 1-10 numbers for days in school
  • · Days Left
  • · Months Charts ( One Pager)
  • · Days of the Week ( One Pager)

Feelings and Emotions Posters includes:

  • 12 flashcards/posters using real pictures of kids (Full Page and Space Saver)
  • 12 flashcards/posters using emoticons (Full Page and Space Saver)
  • One Pager using real kids
  • One Pager using Emoticons
  • How do you feel? headers (Full Page and Sapce Saver)
    Emotions/Feelings included are :
  • Bored
  • Excited
  • Happy
  • Mad
  • Sad
  • Scared
  • Silly
  • Worried
  • Surprised
  • Tired
  • Shy
  • Proud

Classroom Rules Posters, Flashcards, Decor- Editable PPT | Back To School

Classroom Rules Included are:

  1. Header (2 sizes and 4 color options to choose from )
  2. Always use kind words
  3. Raise your hand
  4. Follow Directions
  5. Clean up
  6. Stay on Task
  7. Share with each other
  8. Show Respect
  9. Always do your best
  10. Make smart choices
  11. Don't hurt others
  12. Always tell the truth
  13. Listening Ears
  14. Encourage each other
  15. Always be safe
  16. Use your inside voice
  17. Try New Things

Weather Visual Cards for Calendar Time | Back to School Classroom Decor

These Weather Posters visual Flash card with real photos are a great display for your classroom. Review the weather each day with this super cute set of Weather Cards with real pictures as well as emoticons. Use these cards to label the top with you classroom calendar to discuss. The set includes three different sized sets of weather cards, and 2 different label cards which says " What's the weather today" and " The weather today is".

Bonus File:- 7 Poster Labels