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Classroom decor editable classroom rules posters. Classroom Rules are simple class rules and expectations for your preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten class! They are easy to remember and developmentally appropriate rules to help you build a caring classroom community beginning from the first day of school. Each rule has a picture to represent it. These Colorful Editable Classroom Rules Poster is a great way to promote and teach good character and good manners in your classroom.

You can customize or create your own rules with this EDITABLE.

Classroom Rules Included are:

  1. Header (2 sizes and 4 color options to choose from )
  2. Always use kind words
  3. Raise your hand
  4. Follow Directions
  5. Clean up
  6. Stay on Task
  7. Share with each other
  8. Show Respect
  9. Always do your best
  10. Make smart choices
  11. Don't hurt others
  12. Always tell the truth
  13. Listening Ears
  14. Encourage each other
  15. Always be safe
  16. Use your inside voice
  17. Try New Things

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Note: This file is for ONE classroom use only. Please do not share with others or post on a public class website.

Please note: This is a PowerPoint Presentation.