Alphabet Curriculum - Letter of the week A to Z Bundle

Looking for a fun, creative and hands-on letter of the week curriculum? I’ve created super simple and fu alphabet activities for daily lesson plans which are perfect for kids ages 2-5!  Get this Alphabet of the Week Curriculum and have access to great number of  hands-on, creative learning activities right at your fingertips. The Letter of the Week is a full 26 week preschool curriculum designed to help your students to get prepared for kindergarten! It is a 26 week curriculum that’s full of hands-on educational activities that focus on the letter recognition, sounds, number recognition, counting, pre-writing practice, and all the fine-motor skills that will be required for your preschooler to be ready for kindergarten! 

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Alphabet curriculum- Letter of the Week Simplified! This is a prefect Preschool Curriculum your kids will love! Over 650 pages of downloadable resources for teaching your students the Alphabet one week at a time. For each letter of the alphabet, there are 25 pages of activities, worksheets, charts, coloring pages, games and more. This Alphabet letter of the week curriculum is designed to make your life simpler  and is kept super low prep which can spread over 26 weeks. To get an idea of the activities included in this Preschool Alphabet curriculum download this FREE Letter A - Alphabet of the week.

This Alphabet Curriculum is a complete and COMPREHENSIVE alphabet curriculum! This packet is designed for the preschool through kindergarten classroom and can be easily adapted to homeschool setting. This no-prep, print-&-go gives students alphabet-themed activities for each day. Our Alphabet Curriculum contains letter charts, alphabet worksheets, and games for every letter of the alphabet!  This pack includes a suggested weekly guide for implementing a Letter of the Week style binder in your homeschool classroom. Have a look at this video:

This Letter of the Week packet covers loads of skills required for a preschooler through kindergarten.

Your student will build a variety of literacy skills including:

  • Letter Recognition
  • Uppercase & Lowercase Letters
  • Cut and Paste ( Scissors skill)
  • Letter Formation
  • Reading & Coloring
  • Letter Sound
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Prewriting & Handwriting Skills
  • Logic & Reasoning 
  • Matching & Visual Discrimination

Alphabet Letter of the week Bundle, Aa to Zz activities bundle (600 worksheets) is a great resource for pre-k, kindergarten and homeschooling. There are 23 pages for each of your letter of the week activities, I have created a comprehensive alphabet program that will compliment your classroom. There are 600 pages of printable that include many fun activities. This  letter of the week packet includes the following alphabet activities:-

Letter/Alphabet Beginning Sound Posters 

Letter/Alphabet Phonics/ Beginning Sound Posters (colored)

You’ll have a colorful poster to hang in your classroom each week. These make great teaching and visual aids for students to help recognize the letters and their beginning sounds.

Letter/Alphabet Play-dough Mats

Letter/Alphabet Play-dough Mats 

These alphabet playdough mats are are filled with possibilities for your preschool classroom! These ABC letters can be filled with different small fine motor manipulatives like pom poms, stickers, mini erasers, popsicle sticks and much more! 

Letter/Alphabet Dab 

Letter/Alphabet Dab it with picture (upper and lowercase)

These are super cute bingo dabber Aa-Zz worksheets for preschoolers to help in letter formation and beginning sounds recognition. Every Alphabet has a picture which can be dabbed with colors

Letter/Alphabet Search and Dab it

Letter/Alphabet Find and Dab it with picture (upper and lowercase)

These bingo dabber alphabet worksheets helps students in developing visual perception and matching. Dabbing markers are a great fine motor tool for preschoolers

Letter Tracing pre-writing lines

Letter/Alphabet Tracing and prewriting lines

These bingo dabber alphabet worksheets helps students in developing visual perception and matching. Dabbing markers are a great fine motor tool for preschoolers

Alphabet Beginning Sounds picture search (Color it)

Letter/Alphabet Beginning Sounds picture search (color it)

Beginning Letter Alphabet Coloring. Each page includes an black and white pictures, kids need to identify the beginning sound and color the correct pictures.

Letter/Alphabet Picture Sorting(cut and paste)

Letter/Alphabet Cut and Paste Picture sorting 

Letter/Alphabet cut and paste picture sorting is a great scissors cutting activity which promotes fine motor skill along with promoting phonemic awareness.

Beginning Sound Object Viewer

With this FREE Digital camera printable your kids will explore objects in your class and point out the ones matching the beginning sound of the letter mentioned on the camera. Kids have 3 camera options to choose from, pink, blue as well as color your own. You just need to print it on cardstock, cut the viewing window, laminate and go! Let the little wanderers explore their surroundings with this cute camera.

Letter/ Alphabet Maze

Letter/Alphabet Cut and Paste Picture sorting 

Letter/Alphabet mazes are super fun for kids. You can use a bingo dabber or just those tiny fingers to solve these letter mazes. A great fine motor addition to your literacy centers.  promoting phonemic awareness.

Letter/Alphabet Emergent reader & coloring book

Letter/Alphabet Emergent Readers and Coloring Book

Students will love to read and color these alphabet emergent readers. A great way to practice reading along with beginning sounds and coloring.

Letter/Alphabet Crowns/Hats 

Letter/Alphabet Crowns/ Hats

Students will love to color, cut, paste and wear these Alphabet hats/crowns. it's a great fun addition to the alphabet centers. The crown includes tracing, coloring, Beginning sound words and Letter formation.

Thanks so much for stopping by and showing interest in my Alphabet Curriculum bundle ! The Alphabet Curriculum is designed to make the life of a preschool and kindergarten teachers hassle free. This Alphabet Curriculum | Letter of the Week Bundle offers a week of engaging, fun and hands-on activities per letter which can be used for total 26 weeks of school. However, this letter curriculum can easily be expanded over a longer academic period too. Teachers can also use the letters in the order they wish to teach their students. The Alphabet Curriculum is comprehensive and the only thing you’ll need to add in is a few items/manipulatives! Here is a quick summary of what is included in this bundle:

  •     Letter/Alphabet Beginning Sound Posters 
  •     Letter/Alphabet Play-dough Mats (colored)
  •     Letter/Alphabet Find and Dab it with picture (upper and lowercase)
  •     Letter/Alphabet Search and Dab it (Upper and lowercase)
  •     Letter Tracing pre-writing lines
  •     Letter Tracing (upper and lower case)
  •     Letter/Alphabet Beginning Sounds picture search (color it)
  •     Letter/Alphabet Picture Sort Printable(cut and paste)
  •     Letter/Alphabet Sorting by upper and lower case (cut and paste)
  •     Letter/ Alphabet Maze
  •     Letter/Alphabet Emergent reader plus coloring book
  •     Letter/Alphabet Crowns (2 design to choose from )

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