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These cute fall /autumn treasure hunt bag are a great hands-on experiences with nature are an important element in a child’s development. I send these paper bags along with the labels for each student and scavenger sheet home, so that they can have a nature walk with their parents.

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This fall resource contains an editable powerpoint label which can be placed on a paper bag for students to use to go on an autumn treasure hunt either at school or at home.

Along with this I have included a fall scavenger hunt for kids to look out for those fall items like acorn, different colored leaves, pine cones, stick etc.

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If you prefer to send these fall treasure hunt bags home. They would go on a nature hunt with their parents and collect these fall items. Later they van get it back to school for exploration and investigation.

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Note: This file is for ONE classroom use only. Please do not share the link with others or post on a public class website.