Alphabet Tracing, Letter Formation - 52 Google Slides

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Alphabet Writing, Tracing, Letter Tracing, Formation with Audio digital activities (virtual and distance learning) will cover your language arts needs to practice letter recognition and tracing their letters.
In this digital activity, the students will learn letter recognition and how to properly trace them using the correct strokes!
Each letter has direction and order to trace which makes learning easy, students will drag the object from the box onto the letters to form the correct formation of each letter. These practice slides are especially useful for centers, individual practice, and distance learning.

Phonological/Phonemic Awareness is a critical step in building a strong foundation for beginning readers. Your students will have so much fun on their digital device using this interactive phonics resource during word work, daily 5, distance learning or as an assessment. The product has 52 interactive slides.

  1. Upper Case Alphabet Tracing
  2. Lower Case Alphabet Tracing
  3. Letter Phonic Sounds recognition
  4. Trace the shape with objects.
  5. Phonemic awareness

  • These task cards are with Audio and object Drag & Drop.
    Drag and Drop functionality will work in EDIT MODE.
  • FREE Customized Name Tracing Worksheets for your classroom students

Note: This file is for ONE classroom (including students) use only.

Please note: This bundle is a Google Slides™ Presentation and the clipart are NOT moveable if you are in "Present Mode." In order for your students to be able to click and drag all of the moveable items, you must be in the editing mode of Google Slides™.

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  2. Click "File" and "Download."
  3. Select Microsoft PowerPoint.
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