Rosa Parks craft for Black History Month for kids

Rosa parks craft is amazing way to teach young learners about the Black History month. This cute Rosa Park bus craft is super easy and simple to assemble for preschoolers. Grab it for your students! It comes in colored and black and white version. A perfect fine motor craft for your kids for the month of February .

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Rosa Parks was an famous African-American who fought for civil rights. In 1955, she led the Montgomery Bus Boycott by refusing to give up her seat on a bus to a white passenger, which was a violation rules at the time. This act  became an important part of the American Civil Rights Movement for black people. Parks was later seen as a key figure in the fight for racial equality. It's important to teach preschoolers about Rosa Parks during the black history month because it gives you a chance to:

- Promote diversity and inclusion: At this age, children are still figuring out what they think and feel about race and diversity. Learning about Rosa Parks can help them see things from a more diverse and inclusive point of view.

- Encourage being brave and standing up for what's right. Rosa Parks' act of civil disobedience is an inspiring example of being brave and standing up for what's right, and can serve as a good example for preschoolers.

- Teach the value of history. Telling preschoolers about important historical figures like Rosa Parks can help them learn more about history and how people can change the world.

- Foster empathy and understanding: When preschoolers learn about the challenges and struggles African Americans went through during the Civil Rights Movement, they can develop a deeper appreciation for differences and a better understanding of how other people feel.

- Introduce the ideas of fairness and justice. Rosa Parks's story shows how important fairness and justice are, and it can help preschoolers learn about these important values.

A Rosa Parks bus craft can be a fun and educational activity for preschoolers to learn about her story and the events of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Here is a simple way to make a bus craft which says I can be brave like Rosa Parks



  • Grab a Cardstock or construction paper for base
  • Print the Rosa parks craft and choose whether you would like to go for the colored version or Ink saver version
  • If you use the colored version, you just need to cut and glue out the Rosa Parks character, Bus and Name on a construction paper
  • If you go with ink saver version, first color all the pieces and then cut and glue them together.
  • Talk to your preschoolers  and show the events of the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

This craft activity is a fun way for preschoolers to learn about Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights Movement, and to engage in hands-on learning about history and diversity. You can also check out more cute crafts for black history month in my TPT Store.

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