Daily Activity Board game for Kids…


This Daily Activity Board game for Kids is a super exciting game which includes all the possible activities (Gross motor and Academic) which a kid can do from the ages 2-5 years.

We have covered several activities which kids love to do in a form of a game. In turn all these activities are skill enhancing and enriching for a kid.

This Daily Activity Board game for Kid can be customized as per the needs of the child! We have included the below activities:


– Sing your ABC’s

– Months of the Years

– Seasons of the Year

– Farm Animal

– Body Parts (Worksheets available here)

– Counting (1-20) (Worksheets available here)

– Weathers (Worksheets available here)

– Shapes (Worksheets available here)

– Days of the Week

– Spell Your Name

Gross Motor Activities:

– Jump up and Down

– Bear Walk

– Walk on knees

– Push ups

– Crab Walk

– Frog Hops

DIY Board Game
Daily Activity Board Game

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