Visual Discrimination/Brain-Teaser Worksheets


Visual Discrimination/Brain-Teaser Worksheets for Kids are quite challenging. But also are super engaging. They train children to focus, improve visual attention, concentration. Many more skills like Visual scanning, comparison skills etc … Each page has a different challenge level and works great for a variety of learning levels.  

We designed Visual Discrimination/Brain-Teaser Worksheets keeping in mind students of LKG, UKG, preschoolers and kindergartners. Hence, it includes:

Visual discrimination

This is the ability to recognize the images in detailed way. These includes details like observing the differences of objects and symbols. It includes shapes and colors as well as size and space.

Hence, It is a very important skill to be developed in kids for their appropriate cognitive development. As they age, their visual discrimination skills improve with time. These are considered to be great brain teasers which includes Spot the differences, Circle the same object, find the different object, recognizing letter like b, d, q, p distinctly with any confusion.

Visual Perception

It refers to visuals that are read by the eyes. In preschool children this visual perception is still developing. And continues to develop over the years. Perception activities includes copying and imitation of patterns as perceived by the eyes.

Visual Scanning

It is basically the ability search for specific object or information in a mix of things. So, The information could be alphabets or number on a page or objects. Scanning skills can be developed very well through activities like “I SPY” wherein the child needs to search for a particular object or thing in his surroundings.

So, these Free Printable Brain Teaser is a great way to challenge your Little ones. They include logic and real world problems and hence are great for kids.

You can also check many more brain-storming worksheets which are available in our Brain-teaser section.They are a great way to not only enhance your kid’s brain skills but also boost his confidence.

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So, Let’s look at these Visual Discrimination/Brain-Teaser Worksheets

Worksheet on Visual Discrimination

Find the different object visual discrimination worksheets
Find the different object worksheet

Find the different object

Spot the different object worksheet
Spot the different object worksheet

Finding Differences

Spot 6 differences worksheet
Spot 6 differences worksheet

Visual Perception Worksheet

Copy the pattern worksheet
Copy the pattern worksheet

Visual Scanning Worksheet

Visual Scanning Worksheet
Fin the objects- I SPY

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