Number Hopscotch – Gross Motor Activities


Number Hopscotch and Follow the Line is a super exciting outdoor activity for all ages.These are great Gross motor activities for toddlers and preschoolers for building core body muscles and it’s loads of fun for the entire family.

Fun Outdoor Gross Motor Activities

Materials Needed:

The only material required is Sidewalk chalk. !

Draw all kinds of strange lines to excite your young ones, zig-zag, broken lines, curved lines etc… Ask your toddler to follow the line and you too follow the suite. Because it’s always better to engage while playing with your little ones!

Number hopscotch is a outdoor game which has been everyone’s favorite since childhood. Apart from a great gross motor activity, it is a great literacy activity too. Moreover, it can be conveniently modified into other literacy concepts like ABCs, Sight words etc.

Number Hopscotch and Follow the Line is a perfect outdoor summer activity! Indoor Gross motor activities are also a great way to engage while keep your kids active…

We endeavor to promote learning academic concepts while having fun.

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