Beginning Sounds with Audio + Drag and Drop Letters - 52 Google Slides

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Digital Alphabet Beginning Sounds google slides has 52 digital task cards (2 for each letter from A-Z ). These google slides helps the students drag the correct letter to the corresponding picture in edit mode. These google slides also contain audio (Internet required) attached to each letter which can be played in presentation mode.

Elements in this bundle are (scroll down for sample images) :

  • 52 task cards with Audio - Drag & Drop (2 for each letter)
  • 2 blank slides with backdrop (editable)

  • Drag and Drop functionality will work in EDIT MODE.
  • Audio on letters will work in PRESENTATION MODE.
  • For Sounds to play your device must be connected to internet

Note: This file is for ONE classroom use only. Please do not share the link with others or post on a public class website.

Please note: This bundle is a Google Slides™ Presentation and the clipart are NOT moveable if you are in "Present Mode." In order for your students to be able to click and drag all of the moveable items, you must be in the editing mode of Google Slides™.

To convert this Google Slides Presentation into a PowerPoint file:

  1. Open up your Google Slides™ file.
  2. Click "File" and "Download."
  3. Select Microsoft PowerPoint.
  4. The file should automatically download to your computer as a PPT file!