Learning CVC words with Fun


Learning CVC words with Fun is a great way to engage and make kids learn CVC words in a jiffy…. This super interesting strategy also teaches them the Beginning sounds and Phonics.

Materials Required:

  • Easel/Blackboard
  • Chalks
  • Sticky notes
  • Markers

Always begin with single word family at a time like -at, -en and so on. Write the begging letters of the CVC words (For CVC Worksheets click here)…Let’s take -at word family:

  • cat
  • mat
  • rat
  • hat

Label sticky notes with the beginning letters, stick them on one side of the easel. Now begin write -at with a blank first letter.

Draw an image of bat as k the kid to choose the correct begging letter and ask him to say B-ba-ba- bat….! That’s a superb phonic activity which helps kids to recognize the letter sounds!

Also check out this great vowel learning fun activity!

Let the Learning CVC words fun begin…

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