Indoor Gross Motor Activities For Toddlers


Gross motor activities for toddlers are a MUST for their overall development.Check out the video below to see all activities together!

Toddlers and preschoolers must be given plenty of free time to just run around and play. Parks, adventure playgrounds, school playgrounds, parks, and the beach are all great places for toddlers to get their energies out..

Physical workout is very important for a toddler as his body needs to gear up for a life as a grown up. Physical exercise for toddlers is known as Gross motor skills which includes activities like jumping, hopping, crawling, dancing, climbing and many others.

Here are some ideas for Indoor work-out for kids which are super fun and engaging for them:

Indoor Cycling

  • Cycling : Indoor cycling is one of the best exercise a kid can enjoy. Keep shoes below the training wheels and here you go the indoor cycling machine is ready!
Indoor cycling...Gross Motor activities for toddlers

Bouncy Ball: One of the best ways to bubble out the toddler energy is to let them bounce…Believe me it’s too much fun!

Bouncy ball

Indoor Bouncy ball ...Gross Motor activities for toddlers

Bucket Walk

The Bucket walk: It’s great fun for toddlers to walk with buckets in both the legs…They learn the art of body balancing! Of course these should be performed under an adult supervision.

Bucket Walk...Gross Motor activities for toddlers

Push and Pull

Push and Pull: This is real easy one…Kids love to push and pull, just let them push things around the house like their toy basket, grocer basket etc. It helps in building the core body strength and also enhances the confidence of your toddler.

Push and Pull...Gross Motor activities for toddlers

Bar Hanging

Bar Hanging: This is another great exercise for kids to build their body strength and exhaust their energy bubble.

Indoor Hanging Bar...Gross Motor activities for toddlers

Weight Dragging

Weight Dragging: This is amazing workout for kids as the resistance while pulling he load helps their tiny and larger muscles to strengthen and be ready for larger tasks in life.

Indoor Dragging weight...Gross Motor activities for toddlers

Indoor Pillow Mountain Climbing

Climbing: Is there any toddler who don’t love to climb? I mean they can climb literally anywhere. Than why not do something what they love. Create a pillow mountain and keep their favorite toy at the peak…Ask them to rescue the toy… Their speed of climbing the mountain would simply amaze you…Try it!

Indoor Pillow mountain climbing ...Gross Motor activities for toddlers

Make your own Pulley

Pulley: Toddlers love to do unconventional things. Create a pulley for them, they would simply love it.

Indoor Pulley...Gross Motor activities for toddlers

Ping Pong Ball

Ping-Pong Ball: A ping-pong ball is the only thing which could match the speed of a toddler. Tie the ball to a pole and let the toddler hit it and bounce back to him. This activity has a capacity to hold a toddler for long hours…Hitting the ball is great for arm muscles! Let the have fun while building some real strong muscles!

Pin pong ball ..Gross Motor activities for toddlers

The Indoor Bridge Crawl

The Bridge crawl: this is an amazing exercise for toddlers which helps in building their upper and lower cor body muscles while having an adventure!

Indoor Bridge crawl..Gross Motor activities for toddlers

Let’s take a look at these amazing fun indoor gross motor activities for toddlers in this video. These may be appropriate for kids as young as 15-18 months, depending on the development of the kid. Create a gym for your toddlers to exhaust their never-ending energy!

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