CVC (3 lettered words) Worksheets


After mastering the sight words, then comes Consonant-Vowel-Consonant(CVC) which are the basic three lettered words which helps a child to blend letter sounds and hence paves ways to build his reading skills. Our free worksheets are designed to help a child have fun and master CVC words in no time.

Teach CVC words while having fun to your little ones. Believe me that’s the best way to help them retain for lifetime.

CVC words worksheets are appropriate for kids who are 3+(of course depends on the ability of the kids). A child can learn middle sounds/ beginning sounds in a word. Our super engaging CVC Words Worksheets help children learn to decode and read simple words and are design to to improve a child’s ability to blend letter sounds together.

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Identify the beginning sounds and match

CVC Words worksheets
Match the CVC Words

Complete the CVC words

CVC Words worksheets
Fill in the missing letters in CVC

Identifying CVC

CVC Words worksheets
Circle the Correct CVC

Cut and Paste CVC words

CVC Words worksheets
Cut paste and match CVC words

Identifying the Beginning sounds in CVC

CVC Words worksheets
Paste the beginning sounds

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