Brain-Boosting Color and Shapes Activity


Teaching colors and shapes are the one of the first academic milestones a kid should master before proceeding to his ABC’s or Numbers. Brain-Boosting Color and Shapes Activity is a great way to develop their cognitive ability!

Recognition of Colors and shapes starts at an very early age. A kid as young as 12 months can begin to identify colors or shapes. So, lets look at some no-prep Color and Shapes Fun activity for toddlers which can be made complex as per the age of the kid.

Materials Needed:

  • Markers
  • Color Pencils
  • Paper Cubes

This Brain-Boosting Color and Shapes Activity combines the colors and Shapes concepts. It’s tricky! Can be appropriate for kids above 3 years or maybe early too for some.

Apart from learning colors and shape this activity is great to develop Cognitive skills, Imitation Skills and focus and concentration in kids.

Make shapes with every side of a different color. Ask your kid to match the shape and the colors of the sides too at the same time! it’s fun and challenging for them…Helps them in complex thinking too!

Match Shapes and Colors
Match Shapes and Colors
Marker Shapes activity for kids
Marker Shapes activity
Shapes via pencils
Shapes via pencils

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